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A word or two about copyrights and my Pages:  Unless you go to the expense, and make the effort, and take the time, you have no idea what goes into taking some of the photos & videos seen on my websites, or in making the websites themselves.   As a rule I try to use my own photos and designs to help make my Page different from all the others on the internet, but I do have friends who contribute with some of their great shots of George.  I ask that you not re-use these pictures on a website, but if you do please respect the rights of the photographer -- if there is a name on the photo please leave it there.  

George Strait owns his name and his image and it is only with his blessing that we his fans are able to use marketing, advertising, and promotional photos on our Webpages.  That we are allowed to take photos of him in concert is a delight and a privilege.   

On the marketing photos where I state "Collection of Linda Robbins, "Straitfever@aol.com," "GeorgeStraitFever.Net," or "Str8fever@aol.com"  I am taking full responsibility for the scanning, adjusting, and re-producing of those photos.  I have obtained prior approval for:  a)  use of some photos from the GSFC website as well as  b)  using a link to that webpage.  Thanks to Mr George Strait, his Management, and MCA Records for allowing fans like me to use those wonderful marketing photos.  Other photos will say that they are from my site but the photographer was a friend, and I thank those friends most sincerely for allowing me to use their special photos.

The material on this website and all of my linked pages are intended for personal, non-commercial home use only, provided you keep intact all copyright notices.  Modification of the materials or use of the materials for any other purpose is a violation of the copyright.  For purposes of this Agreement, the use of any such material on any other Web site or networked computer environment is prohibited. 

I know for a fact through my own personal experience that Mr. Strait is not only a kind and fair man, but is an artist who not only genuinely appreciates his fans but  has many times gone out of his way to quietly do special personal things for his fans.  These Web pages that I started in 1990 and have continued to update, revise, and create over the years are a testament to the enduring character and talent of Mr. George Strait, and are specifically intended for the enjoyment of his fans. 

Regarding my written Concert Reviews, creative writing, and my opinions - everything I write is my own creation, my property, and not to be used without my consent in writing.  You may copy whatever pleases you for your own personal use -- but if you want to put it on the internet or use it elsewhere please have the courtesy to ask me first.   

In no way is it my intention to show disrespect to Mr. George Strait or his family. Thank you for your understanding, enjoy George Strait in Strait Fever. 
-Linda Robbins

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