When I first started out in the 90's all I put on my AOL pages were the best photos I had from the tour that year.  I know I have more photos in my closet that I could scan.  Gradually things grew, into the pages I have today.    I enhanced the photos here, otherwise I left the page as it was on AOL in 1994.  Except I added a sound file, a song from that tour year from "Lead On,"  "I'll Always Be Loving You," and man alive did George sing the heck out of that one!   He used to drive me crazy with that one.
This is still one of my favorite pictures I've taken thru the years.  You talk about a tease!  He is the master at more then singing.   I will never ever forget this concert!

For years the end of the tour was the last of October;  Kansas City maybe, then always these three cities:  Tulsa,  Oklahoma City, and then Memphis which was usually right around or on Halloween.  Were there Halloween tricks or treats for Mr. Strait?  Yep, you bet.  One year George walked out laughing, went up to the microphone and said "Boo!  Scared ya, didn't I?"  Nope... we weren't scared, but he sure was cute.  I love to make him laugh.

My Straitmobile, a 1988 Taurus.  I put a lot of miles on this car throughout the years, mostly by myself,  going to Strait Concerts from Wyoming to Ohio, and North Dakota to Texas.  I eventually had the entire bumper covered.  It was awfully hard to give up my Straitmobile, but I did it last summer, 2006 after hitting 120,000 miles.  I removed the stickers - all but one, the Entertainer of the Year from 1989.  I painted over "Straitfever" and sold it to friends who needed a 2nd car.  It's still running, so I get to see it from time to time.  They left my GS Entertainer of the Year sticker on the bumper.  I swear that was the best bumper sticker I ever had - it just kept on keeping on... kinda like Mr. Strait.  
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